World turned upside down for young German Shepherd surrendered by owner


Tiger – CCAC Transfer Team

Penny Eims | Dog News Examiner

On June 13, a handsome young shepherd named “Tiger” was loaded into a car and taken for a ride…unfortunately, the destination was not the park, it was the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility in Illinois. Today, the 11-month-old German shepherd is wondering why he is locked away behind bars, and why his person is no longer by his side.

On Thursday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, CACC Transfer Team, notified their page followers that the young dog is “timid” while kenneled, but he becomes more puppy-like once he is taken out of the cage. According to the shelter volunteers, Tiger loves to chase tennis balls and he already knows how to sit on command. The volunteers also noted that Tiger is “very personable and affectionate.”

Please take a moment to network on Tiger’s behalf – he should be chasing after tennis balls, not sitting in a lonely kennel run. Tiger’s identification number A131202.

Facebook thread for Tiger here.

Adoption information here.

Donations for homeless cats and dogs here.

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3 comments on “World turned upside down for young German Shepherd surrendered by owner
  1. Charlotte Brummett says:

    I live in Texas how much would it cost me to adopt this poor little baby. Would I have to pay for her trip from California to Texas.

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    • Hi Charlotte, Tiger is in Chicago. Click on this link for Adoption Information Good luck…let me know how it works out!


      • Charlotte Brummett says:

        I have read the information. I would really love to adopt Tiger, we now have 5 puppies plus the momma dog and we also have 2 cats. We used to have a German Shepard named Rebel he was an excellent dog. We have always wanted another German Shepard I miss Rebel very much we had to have him put down on February 14, 2011. There is no way that we can bring all of our babies up to Chicago for a meet and greet. And I did see that it would cost $65.00 for Tiger but we are interested in owning him. We do have all the papers showing that all of our babies have been spayed and neutered except for our male cat and my oldest cat has been spayed too but I do not know where her paper work is because it has been years since she was spayed.


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