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Senate bill could trigger mass slaughter of wild mustang

The fate of thousands of wild horses hangs in the balance as the Senate considers an amendment to a spending bill that would allow euthanasia of mustangs and burros roaming free on land owned by the federal government. The amendment

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Wild Horses: Please Comment on BLM’s Disastrous Plans to Study and Spay White Mountain Mares

via: Straight from the Horse’s Heart Source: “Spaying domestic horses in sterile, hospital conditions is one thing, and it is not a common practice. But most large animal veterinarians agree that the surgical environment needs to be completely sterile

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1,800 Protected Wild Horses Sent To Their Deaths In Mexican Slaughterhouses

Critics say BLM favors for-profit cattle ranchers that graze their livestock on the public land John M. Glionna | LA Times Wild-horse activists are furious now that a government report has confirmed their suspicions: The Bureau of Land Management sold 1,794

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There is something about street dogs, about rescues; they have this knowing sense about them.

Hayden Panettiere

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  • AJ September 27, 2021
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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!
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